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Robert Zelkovsky

Owner, Videographer, and Editor, Bamboo Moon Video 


Personal History

  At Bamboo Moon Video we want YOU to be our focus. The star of the show. At your wedding we won't have much time to wala`au (chat) so I briefly want to tell a little about myself.   

I feel very fortunate to have experienced the best of two worlds. As a child growing up in Brooklyn, New York, I had a wonderful upbringing during a magical time in Brooklyn – the 50's – the Brooklyn Dodgers, egg creams, stickball and great pizza. It was a safe place with great schools. My grandmother lived in a bungalow in Rockaway Beach and I always loved visiting her and playing in the sand. I loved the ocean and even surfed on Long Island for many years. Yes, there are waves there! Hence my attraction to Kaua`i. I moved to Kaua`i in 1975 and have lived here ever since. I currently live in Wailua with my loving partner Magenta, who for me, was a love at first sight.We have been together for 17 years. We both love Kaua`i and its natural beauty. We have a beautiful yard with lots of fruit trees and a vegetable garden. We love hiking, biking, swimming, yoga and staying healthy.



Work History      

I received a great education in NY culminating in a Doctorate in Chiropractic degree (D.C.). In 1975 I established the first full time Chiropractic office on Kauai and the first wellness center (before they were even called that) with the addition of other practitioners and many, many health education classes at my office. We produced a four day "New Age Symposium" in 1977 offering over thirty classes, each for $1. We organized two extensive health fairs in 1983 and 1984, bringing together many top health professionals from around the state and stressing health promotion and fitness and not disease treatment. There were booths, talks and videos. Oh, and there was a video crew there and I still have the footage. 


My first taste of video production came in 1982. I was showing health educational videos in my office and wanted to customize them to fit my local clientele. I learned video production through the local community college and produced a few health videos. But it wasn't until 1995 that I really became involved in full time productions and have been doing so ever since. 

Bamboo Moon Robert Zelkovsky Resumé
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